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Dugi Rat

Dugi Rat


Community of Dugi Rat is 15 km away from Split,in sea region of historical Poljica's principality,and it stretches on surface of 15,6 square kilometers. Beside Dugi Rat, communitiy is consisting also of small places Duće ( Balota, Glavica, Golubinka, Vavlje, Rogač and Luka) and Jesenice (Orij, Mali Rat, Krug, Zeljovići, Suhi Potok, Krilo, Bajnice). The oldest villages,Jesenice,Zeljovići.,Krug and Duće are situated in the foot of the mountain, 200m up to 500m above- sea height. They are mostly abended today, because people were moving down closer to the coast, especially last 30 years.


About the oldness of the villages speak the archeological findings in caves Turska Peć and Ponistrice, which testifie about existing of life in that region since stone age.Inhabitants of Poljica built their settlements in eleveted spots,because in that way,they could have oversight on nearby villages. Dugi Rat as a village,started to develop when factory was built,and when houses and blocks were built by the shore for its employees and on the other hand newcomers built residential and out-houses next to the main road.

Dugi Rat: What to do / What to see?
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Indulgence and fun

On one side Split on the other side Omis opens numerous possibilities for all kinds of amusement. In Split you can find lots of noisy and lively night clubs who play music all night long, while Omis on the other hand offers atmosphere of tipical dalmatian town with narrow streets, live music and many tavernas. You can also find lots of beach clubs around Dugi Rat where party lasts all through the night.

Sports and recreation

Closness of Omiš and river Cetina gives opportunitiy to adventureous tourists to enjoy in nearly all the extreme sports as rafrting,free climbing,paragliding,paintball,canyoning...Also mount Mosor on the north side,opens possibilities of climbing,hiking and walking through stony cliffs and excursions. In the area of Dugi Rat there are courts and halls for almost all kind of sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming and bowling.