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Dubrovnik records impressive tourism figures in August

06.09.2021. | Interesting news from tourism

Dubrovnik had a busy August with a return to pre-pandemic tourism levels. A total of 159,066 tourists arrived in the city in August and 638,601 overnight stays were recorded. The speed at which tourism bounced back from last years lockdowns and travel restrictions is impressive. Throughout August it was almost impossible to find a free bed in the city and restaurants and café bars were packed to the rafters.

In fact, these new tourism figures provided by the eVisitor system show that the increase in tourism numbers over last August was 120 percent. And although any comparisons to the ravaged tourism year of 2020 it also must be taken into account that August last year was one of the months that tourism was less restricted.

A better comparison would be to 2019, even though that year Croatia and Dubrovnik had a record breaking year, and this August the city saw 67 percent of the numbers from 2019. So if you thought Dubrovnik was packed and hectic this August it was only around two thirds of the numbers from 2019.

Most guests who stayed in Dubrovnik during August were from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the USA, Croatia, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

And the importance of private accommodation was highlighted in the fact that the number of overnight stays in hotels and private villa, apartments and rooms in Dubrovnik in August was roughly the same. Hotels had 64,680 tourist arrivals and 275,619 overnight stays, whilst private accommodation saw 72,480 tourist arrivals and 279,873 overnight stays.

Currently, 14,174 tourists are staying in Dubrovnik, and most of them are from the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, France and Russia.

In the month of September, Dubrovnik is connected to about 50 destinations, with a similar flight schedule as in August, so if the favourable epidemiological situation continues, a successful postseason awaits Dubrovnik.

SOURCE: the Dubrovnik times; photo: Ivanka Rajh, archive, pixabay