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Srebrno is to the east of Kupari, beside the sea, and is today known under the distorted name of Srebreno, which refers to the historical name Sub Burnum that means “under Župa” (Pod Župom). This village of former labourers and fishermen was first mentioned in 1272. The amphora, urns, and coins that have been found from the Roman Emperors are evidence of the historical period of this region, which is today a destination for many visitors and a modern tourist destination.

The fragrant countryside with its pretty pebble beaches and secret bays, gentle climate and abundant harvests from the land and the sea was a favourite destination for the wealthy landed gentry of Dubrovnik who built their castles and holiday houses here and enjoyed the peace of the summer. Only a garden with old walls and a chapel on whose altar are the two crests of the knights of Bunić have remained from the old house of the Bunić family, which was damaged in the war devastation of 1806. The old church is dedicated to St Nicholas (sv. Nikola) and is found inside the castle, which was built afterwards, and it has valuable altar table with the image of St. Nicholas (sv. Nikola).

The Church of the Heart of Jesus (Srca Isusova) is beside the beach itself and was built by donations from Silvo Miloslavić, a priest and writer with his roots in Srebrno. The stone renaissance house of the family of the ship’s captain Miloslavić almost touches the sea.

The Czech painter Jaroslav Čermak, who stayed in Mandaljena in the middle of the 19th century often used to visit Srebrno, and enjoyed the magical countryside, spent time with the hospitable local people and depicted its fairytale like beauty in his paintings.

The local colour and beauty of the stone houses, the well looked after gardens and parks, the treasures of the sea, the hotel buildings and camps, fun and recreation have all made Srebrno a favourite place for tourists.

Srebreno: What to do / What to see?
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