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Orebic is the largest city on the Peljesac Peninsula, located to the west under Mount St. Elijah, crossing the Lumbarda Sea and the city of Korcula. Very accessible by sea, there are many ferry lines, it takes its name from the naval family "Orebic".


The Oberic family built the citadel and the old urban center in the 15th century. Not to be missed are the Church of Our Lady of the Angels and its Museum and the Rector's Palace, the Franciscan Monastery and its belvedere from which we enjoy, at 150 m altitude, a breathtaking view of the Pelsejac Canal as well as on the islands of Lastovo, Miljet and Korcula.

Formerly under the Republic of Ragusa, Orebic developed in the late 16th century thanks to its merchant seamen, who will make their city an important trading center in the 17th century. In 1865 the "Société maritime de Pelsejac" was created. It is a tradition that sailors operate the sirens of their boats before leaving the port and returning to ask for the protection of Our Lady of the Angels or to thank her for coming back.

Orebić: What to do / What to see?
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Indulgence and fun

The Orebic's field is one of the 2 largest producers of Croatian wines, with the famous "Dingac", "Plava Mali" and "Postup" grape varieties.
The Mediterranean climate being of paramount importance is the origin of the renowned production of Pelsejac wines for more than 100 years.
We can taste them in charming taverns or to water a meal of fish or seafood at the famous restaurant "Karako". To your health and good appetite!

Sports and recreation

With its wide sandy beach near Trstenica Bay, there are many activities available to us such as rowing, swimming, scuba diving, hiking, water skiing, surfing and sailing. .
Many small pebble beaches are at our disposal in welcoming rocky coves, but if you want to spend a day or an evening in a city atmosphere, boats take you to the port of the city of Korcula.