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The City of Opatija is located in the north-west of Croatia, in Istria, on the Adriatic coast, at the bottom of Kvarner Bay, 200 km west of Zagreb and 110 km east of Trieste .


"Pearl of the Adriatic", former "Austrian Nice", Opatija, the socialite, already attracted, over 160 years ago, the European high society, being visited by many Emperors, kings and famous artists, some habitually lodged at the "Villa Amalia". Do not miss the Church of the Annunciation, in the neo-Romanesque style, with the green dome, built in 1906, not to mention its beautiful old villas, including the "Villa Angiolina", built in 1844, having been the residence of the famous "Wagon-Sleeping Company" and welcoming, today, the "Croatian Museum of Tourism". Long before the Austrian period, which made it famous, the Liburnians, descendants of the Illiyrians, had established themselves in this area, The City of Castrum, now Lovran, having been founded nearby by the Romans.

Opatija: What to do / What to see?
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Indulgence and fun

Of course, in the coastal region, the Riviera of Opatija offers us various seafood preparations, grilled fish and meats that will delight our taste buds. Among the regional dishes coming from Lovran, those based on asparagus, in the spring, or chestnuts (cooked, with cream, or even, in desserts, in homemade recipes of cakes, the "Marunada" or Fête des Marrons taking place in autumn, in Lovran). "Last but not least", in Istria, trained dogs find truffles, for the pleasure of gastronomic purposes.

Sports and recreation

In addition to being able to indulge in the joys of hiking (including, nearby, the "lungomare", a walk of 12 km, between Volosko and Lovran) and by bike. Taking advantage of the offshore wind, we can practice sailing or windsurfing, the Adriatic offering us all the possibilities of other water sports (swimming, scuba diving, sea kayaking, water skiing, ...), then Many tennis courts are available, the most adventurous can enjoy paragliding from Ucka Mountain. Taking advantage of its favorable climate and lush vegetation, with the longest tourist tradition in Croatia, the City of Opatija offers us the clear water of the Adriatic Sea, its numerous beaches, its health and wellness centers, its parks where it is good to stroll among plants coming from all around the world.