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Medulin - once a small fishing village, today is a modern tourist center. It is one of the main centers of Istrian tourism with richly indented coastline. The sea makes up three-quarters of the Medulin Riviera with rich flora and fauna which further enhances a visit to this area. Medulin is a town where you can spend a quiet and romantic but also a dynamic and meaningful holiday. The city is known for its beautiful sandy, pebble and rocky beaches, the most famous being Bijeca. Because of its rich sports infrastructure it is a favorite destination for sporting activities throughout the year, where sports fans can enjoy football, horse riding, tennis, sailing, mini golf, flying, bowling, beach volleyball, diving, the underwater world, and many other water sports. Explore the Vižules archaeological site with ruins of Roman villas and tour the old windmills by the sea. While enjoying the various offerings of Medulin, take some time to visit ancient Pula, Istrian Mummies, National Park Brijuni, National Park Plitvice Lakes, Nature Park Cape Kamenjak, Venice and many other beautiful sights on the Istrian peninsula. At one of the many festivities held during the summertime you can try some of the specialties of Medulin such as crab sald, cuttlefish risotto, Istrian prosciutto or any of the aromatic specialties made with truffles. You can enjoy yourself and relax during concerts of classical music, visit restaurants and dance on their terraces or visit one of the night clubs and entertain yourself until the morning. While in Medulin, don’t miss the opportunity to visit other nearby tourist centers such as Rovinj, Poreč, Pazin and Umag.

Did you know? The name Medulin comes from the old Roman name of Mutila.


Vižula- the great ancient archaeological complex which is located in the very center of the Medulin bay. This complex contains the remains of ancient tombs, remains of settlements of the older Neolithic period and the remains of a roman country villa. This complex is of great importance because it is proof of the existence of human culture in the area of Medulin during the older Neolithic period.

Prehistoric forts on the Vrčevan hill – the hill Vrčevan and Kašteji peninsula are home to prehistoric forts which were built during the Middle Bronze and Iron Ages.

Arcus – in the XX century during the excavation of the base for Hotel Arcus, remains of an ancient cemetery were found.

Pre - Romanesque sculpture on St. Peter hill – pieces of a pre - Romanesque sculpture were found on the hill of St. Peter.


The younger population has the choice of several night clubs and caffes for evening entertainment, and the more mature population may choose to spend their evenings on summer terraces which offer various types of live music.

Must-see places:

Rovinj is a small city located on the western coast of Istria. It is rich with historical landmarks, of which we recommend the following: Old Town, City Walls and Gates, Church of St. Eufemia, Baptistry of the Holy Trinity, Franciscan Monastery and the castle on the island of St. Andrew. Apart from its historical landmarks, Rovinj is rich with natural beauty, as well. Be sure to visit sights such as Limska Draga, the Rovinj islands and coastal region, “Zlatni Rat” Forest Park, “Fantazija” quarry, “Palud” marsh and the Dvije Sestrice islands.

Poreč is one of the larger tourist destinations on the Istrian peninsula. The city is famous for its historical monuments (the North fortress, the Fivepoints fortress, canons, medieval city walls and the Euphrasian Basilica) and its natural beauty (Baredine, Mark’s and Pincinova caves, group of trees near the St. Anne church by Červar). Sport and recreation fans can enjoy activities such as scuba diving, jet-ski riding, fishing, sailing, water skiing, walking, biking, golf, hunting or paintball. Those who prefer extreme sports can experience mountain climbing or activities at the adrenalin park “Akros.”

Pazin is a city with a long and rich tradition, located in the very heart of the Istrian peninsula. It is famous for its various historical and natural attractions such as the following: Pazin castle, St. Nicholas parish church, Franciscan monastery, memorial home, old high school, bishop’s seminary, the island Pazinčica and the Pazin cave. Sports fans can take part in activities such as biking, walking, free climbing, fishing, as well as many other activities.

Medulin: What to do / What to see?
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