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Kukljica is picturesque touristic and fishermen’s village located in the southeast end of the island of Ugljan overlooking the island of Pašman. Diversity in tourism offer and scenic beauty dominated with dense pine forests, sand and rocky beaches on the shores of crystal clear sea, harbour protected by natural cove and a variety of accommodation options in private apartments and rooms, and in holiday resort “Zelena punta”, provide possibilities for ideal vacation.

District of Kukljica with its four islets Bisage, Golac, Mišnjak and Karantunić is situated at southeast end of the island of Ugljan. On the north side borded by the sea of Zadar canal with only 5 km of flight distance from Sukošan (9.5 km from the city of Zadar), and on the south borded by Middle canal with 5 km flight distance from the shores of island Iž. On the southeast, Ždrelac Passage separates Kukljica from neighbouring island Pašman but connected with a bridge. Kukljica is spread on 6.9 km2, and its coastlne, which includes 4 islets Bisage, Golac, Mišnjak and Karantunić is 19 km2 long.
Coves: Otrić, Kostanj, Gnojišća, Kukljica, Ždrelašćica, Kunčabok, Vela i Mala Sabuša, Jelenica, Bačina Draga, Maževica i Mala Lamjana.
Capes: Zaglav (Zelena Punta), rt Glavica, Suhi rt, Karantun and Loparić.
Peaks: Straža (152m), Veli vrh (123m), Strženjak (109m) as well as those under 100m of altitude with the lowest Žan peak (13). On the islets the lowest peak is on islet Karantunić 18m high.


Rural buildings are modest in their shapes and sizes and possess rustic features. They are small but graceful country houses that emanate Mediterranean warmth. Its origin was conditioned by many requests, primarily with tradition and mentality, area and material available for the construction – stone.
First known written mention of the name Kukljica we can find in document from year 1106. published by Tadija Smičiklas in “Codex diplomaticus”. Document mentions a gift of olive grove to monastery of St. Chrysogonus in Zadar. More significant buildings, unfortunately damaged, are Nassis family villa from year 1623. and the ruins of unknown building in Ortulan palace.
The best example of construction of stone houses, typical autochthon construction in Dalmatia, is found in Kukljica. Houses are crammed together creating small square almost regular square shape. This type of construction is called dvor. Best conserved ones are: Bačin dvor, Benin dvor, Jojin dvor, Lisičin dvor, Lonin dvor I Martinov dvor.
The Votive church of Our Lady of the Snow is situated in Ždrelac Passage in between islands Ugljan and Pašman. Holiday of Our Lady of the Snow is celebrated every August 5th since year 1514. Interior of the church with its main altar consists of four marble pillars and shrine. Church has five altars; main being devoted to Our Lady of the Snow, and the remaining four to Birth of the Virgin Mary to St. Assunta, St. Andrew and St. Nicholas. It is 17 century baroque style church and represents an important cultural landmark of the area what is recognized in Regional institute for conservation of cultural monuments in Split 1982. where the church of Our Lady of the Snow was put under the protection of the state.
St. Jerome church is situated northwest of Kukljica, in the cove Kostanj, facing Zadar canal. Style characteristics of the church led historians to conclusion that is built in 14 century. As early as the end of 16 century the church was abounded and left to decay. In recent times the church has been restored with donations from people of Kukljica. Significant and complex restoration and conservation work has been done on church. A portal with Romanesque lunette was restored, walls have been pargeted, bell tower reconstructed as well as wooden roof. The church was completed and sanctified in July 1997.
St. Paul church - situated in the centre of the village is parish church devoted to St. Paul’s conversion. Late Roman or early Croatian house of worship stood at this site before church of St. Paul was built. Time took its toll on the old church and it was knocked down. In the exact same place new church from ground up was built in year 1666. Style characteristics place the church in 17 century baroque architecture. Interior of the church consists of main alter devoted to Our Lady of St. Carmen, two alters on the right side are devoted to St. Paul and Holly Spirit, as well as two alters on the left side devoted to Holy Spirit and Souls in Purgatory. Leaning on vestry and left side of the church is bell tower built in 1741

Indulgence and fun

Kukljica is often referred to as “the gate to the National park Telaščica and National park Kornati” due to proximity to the Ždrelac Passage. Sea-oriented and living off seafaring and fishery for generations. It is favorite holiday destination for many tourists, sailors and hikers, as well as families with children, as well as young and mature visitors.
Historic village core with its original examples of folk architecture is separated from Holiday resort “Zelena punta” by large natural cove always filed with fishing and excursion boats, yachts and sailing ships. Walk on coastline and sandy beaches in the shadows of centuries old pines is enjoyment for every guest. Beaches such as Sabuša, Kostanj and Jelenica can be found on the both sides of the island.
Kukljica offers its guests unique tourist attraction: every year on August 5th, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Snow, traditional procession with boats to the Church of Our Lady of the Snow in the Passage of Ždrelac takes place. Procession is part of Kukljica tradition since 1514.
During the Feast the statue of Our Lady of the Snow, accompanied with hundred or so boats of all sizes and categories, is being taken from parish church of St. Paul to the Votive chapel of Our Lady of the Snow where according to legend a snow was falling in summer almost 500 years ago.
We are inviting you to visit us and feel the experience of beautiful and preserved nature, as well as the beauty island can give you and that will inspire your constant comebacks.