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Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora



The history of Kranjska Gora reaches back to the second half of the 14th century when the inhabitants began chopping down the forests to a larger extent, transforming them into farm land and pastures for sheep and cattle. The area gained strategic significance during World War I when the military road across the 1611 m high Vršič pass from the Sava to Soča Valleys was constructed by Russian prisoners. Kranjska Gora acquired its fame as a tourist region through the construction of the railroad and its first visitors. Somewhat later, ski jumping and ski flying in Planica carried the name of the area and valley throughout the world. This encouraged a blossoming tourist activity in the Kranjska Gora region especially when the first cable cars were built on the sides of the Vitranc at the end of the fifties.

Even older than Kranjska Gora is the mysterious village of Podkoren which hides wonderful tales from times when tourism was still foreign to the Zgornjesavska Valley. A paved medieval road led through the village which in the 15th century served as a connection between the countrysides of Carniola and Carinthia. A postal carriage brought inhabitants news from far off places across Korensko sedlo (Korensko Saddle) during the era of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Until the year 1990 when the Karavanke tunnel was built, the road through the Korensko sedlo presented the main traffic connection with central and northern Europe.

Kranjska Gora and Podkoren are linked by at least three things: a common history, a common position on the tri-border between Slovenia, Austria and Italy and a common tourist boost due to resounding achievements of »the heroes of the white sheer slopes« at the annual Alpine skiing World Cup.

For tourists, both regions particularly represent an excellent combination of the Kranjska Gora cosmopolitan pulse and the idyllic serenity of Koren. Kranjska Gora is the cultural and social centre of the region while Podkoren is its Alpine

Indulgence and fun

The Zgornjesavska Valley offers a rich selection of culinary specialties, and special emphasis is given to traditional Slovene dishes. Catering services are provided by local inns with a family tradition, whose genuine domestic dishes preserve a taste of that real homely atmosphere and the identity of the Alpine landscape, as well as modern restaurants and family pensions, where special attention is devoted to satisfying the needs of guests. The tables of inns and restaurants are thus full of Italian, Austrian and German cuisine, fish specialities and top-level international cuisine.

The enotheque and specialised inns and restaurants offer you a taste of the best Slovene wines and spirits. A sip of genuine homemade fruit brandy or bilberry brandy cannot hurt but can take your mind high above to the mountain summits!

Sports and recreation

Kranjska Gora is not only known as a romantic destination, but, in addition to skiing, also offers a wide range of various activities, entertainment, events, concerts and animation programs throughout the festive December.

What makes the Kranjska Gora ski offer so special is the diversity of slopes which enable outstanding skiing experience to both beginners and advanced skiers. Ski lifts and terrains are located on the slopes of Vitranc, extending from Kranjska Gora to Planica at an altitude of 800 to 1215 m. 13 ski lifts and 5 chair lifts are available, which means there are 18 ski slopes of different technical difficulty altogether!

Since the weather conditions usually enable artificial snow-making on a large part of 85 ha of slopes already at the end of November, you will certainly not miss some great chances for skiing! You can also take full advantage of our extensive wellness offer, attend concerts and enjoy in other December events, animation programs, attractions and further benefits of our offer. You and your family can explore the mysterious past of the Zgornjesavska dolina valley, admire its cultural heritage and breathtaking nature! You will certainly not get bored.

In cooperation with our partners, we have prepared an extremely attractive multi-day package which includes accommodation in hotels, boarding houses and apartments and free skiing! We cannot guarantee you snow, but we do guarantee you unforgettable experience!