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The town of Metković, located in the Neretva River Valley on the Peljesac peninsula overlooking the sea, offers us perfect opportunities to have fun.


In the nearby village of Vid, we can visit the Narona Museum, named after an ancient city that sank in the marsh.
The nearby cave of Predolcu which is the most important speleological site of the Neretva Valley.
Famous for the diversity of its aquatic fauna, speleologists have found fossilized relics dating from the Tertiary, the "congeria kusceri" which is a freshwater mollusk close to the zebra mussel. They can still be found nowadays and they are considered "living fossils".

Metković: What to do / What to see?
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Indulgence and fun

Metkovic is traditionally turned towards agriculture due to its fertile delta. Known for its mandarin plantations and various fruits and vegetables, you can enjoy boat trips (Safari de la Neretva) and famous local specialties (eels and frogs).

Sports and recreation

The unmissable marathon of boats takes place in August on the Neretva but free to everyone to enjoy, at his own pace, boat trips on the river.

In the summer, other sports activities are organized, including a handball tournament. For all those who are interested in birds, note that the city is home to one of the most impressive ornithological collections in Europe, presenting in the Museum of Natural History, under 340 showcases, no less than 218 species of birds living all along the Neretva courtyard.