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Kaštel Štafilić

Kaštel Štafilić


Seven beautiful old towns, the seven Kaštela, are component of touristic territory between Split and Trogir. With it's beauty this area,since ages,has been attractive to the to the people, sailors from ancient Greek, Roman patricians, Croatian kings and rulers, hard working farmers and contemporary tourists. Kaštela are situated north-west from Split and it stretches in the direction east-west (about 20km). Eastern part of Kaątela subsides steeply ot the shore,while its western part is wide,spacious plain.


Kaštela are divided to upper and lower Kaštela, and they consist of seven villages: Štafilić, Novi, Stari, Lukšić, Kambelovac, Gomilica and Sućurac. In Kastela's filds,people mostly grow grapes (for wine making),fruites and vegetables. Big shopping centres and industrial objects (steel and cement factories) have been built in eastern settlements. They are next to the highway (M2, E65) and train rail Split-Knin-Zagreb. Split airport Resnik is also in Kaątela. Three pictouresq villages, Kaštel Štafilić, Kaštel Novi i Kaštel Stari, situated on 6km long coast of Kaątela's riviera,are favorite summer resort of domestic and foreign tourists. Together with sport and recreation, entertainment nights are also held. Kaštel Lukšić is touristic village in the middle of Kaštela's bay,well known for its botanical garcen with medditeranien trees and plants,and beaches with small pebbles.Village has a sevety year old touristic tradition. In Kaštel Kambelovcu, except its beaches also will attract the guests with numerous restaurants, taverns, attractive promenade by the shore and climbing on the nearby hill Kozjak. In Kaštel Gomilici are mostly sandy beaches and are very good for the kids. Most nights,dancing and entertainment festivities in the open air, are held. In town of Kaštela,together with the summer cultural and entertainment plays and festivities, it's very pompous on 4th of March,when town day is celebrated.

Kaštel Štafilić: What to do / What to see?
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Indulgence and fun

Kaštela have number of great restaurants and tavernas,especially in the Štafilic and Kambelovac.They are mainly built in authentic ambient,antique style and they offer quality food,especially fish and sea fruits. Center of night life is in Lukšic,which has the biggest number of caffe bars and promenades by the sea.

Sports and recreation

For people who practice sport professionaly and the people who practice it just fot recreation, in the Kaštela surrounding, they have at disposal numerous courts for tennis, basketball, soccer, walleyball as well as swimming pool and fitness centres. Recently built Marina Kaštela in Kaątel Gomilica offers you more then hundreds different boats in charter. In nearby Split (20km) you can find all sorts of recreational sports and other interesting activities in order to fulfill your spare time. Kozjak hill (780 m) in the north, offers you to enjoy in hiking, jogging and mountin biking. Fishing in the bay is another pleasure,because the Adriatic sea is rich with fish, you can either fish from the shore as well as from the boat with all different kinds of equpment,you can also look for the shells which are also plenty of in the sea ground.