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Cavtat is located 20km south on the peninsula of Rat and forms with the peninsula of Sustjepan a well protected and accessible bay.


Conquered in 228 ACN by the Romans who named it "Civitas Vetus", Cavtat is the Greek Epidaurus. We can discover under the sea the remains of the ancient city. The arrival of the Slavs and Avars in the 7th century was at the origin of the decline of the city, the natives taking refuge in the coastal town of "Ragusa Laus Rave", future Dubrovnik.
Nowadays, we can still admire many buildings dating back to the ancient Republic of Ragusa, of which Cavtat was the second commercial city and which was at the origin of the urban planning of the Old Town.
Renaissance style with Gothic traces, we find the "Palace of the Captain", the "Franciscan Convent", as well as the churches of Notre-Dame, Baroque style and St. Nicholas. We can also visit the "Bukovac Gallery" to discover the abundant "Bogisic Collection" (ancient coins and precious books), without forgetting the "Racic Mausoleum", the work of the Croatian sculptor Mestrovic and the walled enclosure.

Cavtat: What to do / What to see?
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Indulgence and fun

Cavtat is the perfect place for fans of grilled meats, fish and seafood cooked over the open fire. Local restaurants offer a number of Croatian specialties such as the famous smoked ham "prsut" and local cheeses.
Each dish is cooked with oil directly produced in Cavtat. Croatians are also used to complement each dish with a good glass of local wine.
You can also taste the famous walnut cake as well as small pastries or candied fruit according to your preferences.

Sports and recreation

Cavtat is the ideal place to enjoy seaside walks or to indulge in various land or water sport activities. Scuba Diving club "Aquarius" is 6 km north of Cavtat at the foot of Mount Spilan in Mlini.