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Logarska dolina

Logarska dolina



In the heart of the Kamnik - Savinja Alps, the Logar valley is one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Europe.
Set among the over 2,000-meter peaks are sunny meadows and pastures, charcoal-makers’ and foresters’ cottages, wooden flumes for transporting logs, and picturesque natural features beside the springs and tributaries of the Savinja River. From behind the green backdrop of beech forest, the impressive roar of the Rinka Waterfall resounds. In 1987, the valley received protected status as a landscape park.


Even as long ago as the beginning of the 20th century, the Logar Valley was known as a region boasting amazing views and an interesting place to visit. Photographs from various eras have been preserved that portray the development of the cultural landscape of the Logar Valley.

Sports and recreation

The numerous natural and ethnographic sights seen along the trail are sure to catch the eye of every visitor. The trail also brings people closer to nature. You can choose to explore the trail and the tranquil imagery of the park by yourself or you can opt for the services of local guides that will guide you through the wonderful world of nature and point out the numerous interesting features.