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Rakovica Municipality is located in the sourthenmost part of the Karlovac County, immediately by the boundaries of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The municipality encompasses 26 communities located on the Korana River banks. Downstream the Plitvice Lakes, the Korana watercourse resumes, forms the underground lakes in Nova Kršlja, and interconects the economic and social life in the Plitvice Lakes and Rakovica Municipalities. The arterial road from Zagreb, to Karlovac and Plitvice Lakes to the Adriatic, with a Branch for Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina, runs through Rakovica. The first records of Rakovica community fall into the Middle Ages. Historically, it has benn renown for the Rakovica uprising from October 1871, led by Eugen Kvaternik.

The uprising was an unsuccessful attempt to establish the free Croatian state. Another larger settlement mentioned already in the 11th century, is the Frankopan city, Drežnik. In the times of Turkish conquests, it was an important fortress, defeated, demolished and reconstructed on several accasions. The exisiting fortress ruins have been declared the cultural monument.

Tourists, guests and accidental travellers visiting this region or passing through it on the arterial which made this region particulary interesting as regards tourism, shall be greeted here with beautiful landscapes, hospitable people comfortable catering and tourist amenities, private accommodation, the Lika music and famous Rakovica chesse.

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