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Bosnia and Herzegovina


Prijedor municipality is located in the north-west part of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the riverbanks of Sana and Gomjenica as well as on the hills which descend Kozara mountain into Prijedor valley. Prijedor became an important commercial and trade centre thanks to Roman roads and navigation of the Sana river, as well as the first railway built in 1873. By its geographical position it belongs to a temperate continental climate suitable for tourism development during the whole year. In one year all four season are present with average monthly temperature varying from -1.1 ◦C in January to 20.1◦C in July. The absolute minimum of -30 ◦C is in January, and the absolute maximum of 40 ◦C is in August.
Prijedor municipality is connected with other municipalities, regions and countries through a network of railways and roads. In the area of Prijedor municipality there are 70 km of main roads, 62.4 km of regional roads, 142.1 km of local roads and 600 km of uncategorized roads.

Guide trough Prijedor

Prijedor municipality has a huge number of tourist potentials that enable development of different types of tourism. Considering the fact that tourism represents one of the most developed economic sectors in the world as well as the fact that Prijedor has a huge number of tourist potentials, significant preconditions for important tourism development in Prijedor municipality have been established. Prijedor, with its important natural resources, starting with Kozara mountain, the Sana river, numerous picnic areas and places settled for tourist stay, enables development of different types of tourism

Prijedor municipality has a huge number of accommodation facilities at its disposal, starting with hotels, motels and apartments. Accommodation facilities are separated into different categories and they can satisfy different demands of domestic and foreign tourists. Some of the accommodation facilities are located in the centre of the town, while others are located in the periphery of the municipality.
There are also restaurants with domestic and international cuisine for everyone who wants to enjoy culinary specialities of this area within the accommodation facilities. For everyone who wants to enjoy the night life in Prijedor there are a great number of cafés and clubs that can satisfy needs both of its inhabitants and visitors.


Indulgence and fun


In the Kozara National Park there is a Special Hunting Ground Kozara (16,728 acres), a significant potential for tourism development. Hunting zone type – hill. Game: deer, rabbit, wild boar, fox, lynx and others.

Apart from hunting, fishing is also developed in Prijedor. The Sana river is very suitable for fishing. In the Sana river you can find many kinds of fish such as trout and huchen in the upper course, and in the middle and lower course of the river you can find carp, sheatfish, perch and rudd.
The hunting ground Saničani represents a suitable environment for game cultivation, protection and bagging of wild game. Protected game is: deer, rabbit, pheasant, partridge and wild duck.

Sanicani hunting area (5,972 acres) presents good environment for production, protection and game hunting (protected game: deer, hare, pheasant, partridge and wild duck). Wild duck is the most interesting game which is constantly present in the hunting area.

Sports and recreation

There are several sports clubs and associations in Prijedor, as well as Sports and Recreational Centre in Benkovac. Sports and Recreational centre Benkovac is situated at an altitude of 705 m and it includes football field, handball field, three basketball fields and three volleyball fields with asphalt pave. Prijedor has a stadium and a sports hall, which provide enjoyment of sport during the whole year. For extreme sports lovers there is a sports airfield Urije in Prijedor, established in 1952. In 1990, the sports airfield was renovated and it hosted the biggest parachuting championship of the former Yugoslavia.


The first verified aeronautical school for education of parachutists, sailplane and sport plane pilots in Republic of Srpska, is in this aero-club.
Each year, in the middle of July, the aero-club organises an International Petrovdan Parachute Cup. The first organized cup dates back to 1996. 22 teams with 95 parachutists from Republic of Srpska, BiH, Serbia, Macedonia and Hungary participated in the fifth Cup held in 2000.

Swimming pools “Aqua planet”

On Pećani estate, Prijedor, there is a sports and tourist complex “Aqua planet” with three pools, pizzeria and coffee and pastry shop. Next to the Olympic-sized swimming pool (50 x 22 x 1,9 m) there are two children’s pools. Building of an indoor pool is also planned. The complex has dressing rooms, showers, deckchairs as well as lifeguards at its disposal. In the summertime, the swimming pool offers relaxation, refreshment and leisure as well as night swimming. Every season a swimming school designed for all ages takes place here. The swimming school offers the following programmes: lessons for non-swimmers, improving of swimming technique, programmes for sports clubs, programmes for amateurs and individual training. Within the sports and tourist complex “Aqua planet” there is a restaurant that is open all year round. The restaurant is suitable for different types of celebrations. It has a specious parking lot at its disposal.