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Top 5 day trips to get adrenaline rush

10.01.2017. | Adventure Tourism
To give you a little adrenaline injection and prepare you for a new adventures more appropriate for upcoming spring and summer months we announce you Top 5 day trips with a touch of excitement in the organization of travel agency and our precious local partners.

1. Day Trips: Cetina rafting

Full day tour. Rafting is one the most exciting ways to experience river courses and their picturesque surroundings. Our river adventure starts on the banks of the Cetina River in the Biokovo Mountain region.

Short instructions will be followed by a white-water descent to the Radman's Mills (Radmanove mlinice), where we shall leave our rafts to enjoy swimming in the clear mountain river, or a stroll through the woods. There will be a possibility for lunch. Guide, instructor, raft and equipment included.

2. Day Trips: Canyoning Rakitnica (Neretva)

Rakitnica canyoning presents the most attractive outdoor activity in the summer, and thus very high-quality team building.

The combined passages through the hidden parts of the canyon require the skills that the participants were not even aware of possessing. The entire trip takes place in the untouched wilderness and heavenly beautiful ambient. The quality of the Rakitnica canyoning reflects in the combination of all the most attractive outdoor activities.

During the six-hour-trip breaking through the legendary Rakitnica you will experience mini rafting, swimming, diving, walking, climbing, jumping into the water and even descending down the ropes. The common impression of the participants of such an activity can be summed up in a sentence: "This is not real, this is a dream!!"

Many great companies do the canyoning because of its diversity, adrenaline, and active vacation, so why wouldn't you try?!

3. Zipline Omiš

Zipline is an adrenaline entertainment where guests descend through the canyon down the steel wire rope, secured with a belt. Adventure also includes training and a short walk in nature.

Zipline is located 3 km from Omis, in the canyon of the Cetina River and consists of eight wires total length of 2100m. Depending on the size of the group, zipline gives you up to three hours of unforgettable fun and beautiful nature.

Before the start of the trip, the group gathers in our agency in Omis where they meet with guides and sign the statements .

We organized the transfer to the start and back (3 km from Omis) vehicle of our partner. Before the beginning, the group goes to the training ground and each guest receives equipment. There are two short wires, length 25m, where guides show you how to brake and act on cable. The next thing is a short walk to the first wire. During the walk, you can enjoy the beautiful, almost untouched nature and stunning views of the Cetina river canyon. Before each wire, one of the guides demonstrate descend, while the second guide attaches you and gives you instructions. First guide welcomes you at the beginning of the second wire. That is the system to pass all eight wires.

4. Scuba diving Trogir and Dubrovnik

1. Trogir

Our offer from Trogir is based on whole-day trips with picnic for divers and heir companions and it is adjusted to clients
We are in contact with our local partner to organize this trip.

2. Dubrovnik

Diving center from Dubrovnik (DUBROVNIK-DIVING AQUARIUS) are located on the Dubrovnik Riviera in the idyllic village of Mlini, seven kilometers south of Dubrovnik, and close to Dubrovnik International Airport. The beautiful town of Cavtat is not far away. Our large vessel "Srebrno" is a 19 m long, 6.5 m wide catamaran comfortably accommodating up to 30 divers.

DUBROVNIK-DIVING AQUARIUS can provide all the necessary dive equipment needed for your dive experience. All dive equipment can be rented privately for your own dive excursions.

DUBROVNIK-DIVING AQUARIUS is situated close to a variety of attractive diving locations suitable for beginners and experienced divers alike. The water clarity is superb due to the rocky coast and deep waters.

For the underwater photographers, as well as the earlier described sites we frequently encounter unique sea life, such as the sunfish and sea turtles, which often surface and provide you the opportunity for some unforgettable images.

5. Air gliding and Flying Airport Split and Airport Sinj

Our offer is based on whole-day trips for student pilots and their companions and it is adjusted to clients.

Aero club Split was formed in the year 1927. in Split, where since the very beginning it had its flying activities.

During 1930s because of lack of space, it transforms its operations to 30km far Sinj, where it stays until the present day.

The longest tradition of Aero Club Split is indeed in educating gliding pilot, whom in the longer development have archived good result.
Aero club Split has possibility to educate pilots of gliders by pulling them on planes, or on the winch.

Quality of training is made on high professional rank where from year to year we are developing professionally, structurally as well as technically. Our system and educational plan is in accordance with laws of the European Union

Because of the very favorable weather conditions and free airspace primary activity of the club is gliding. Many testify that this is the most beautiful form of flight when the pilot and glider merge in search of heights and distances using winds, mountain slopes and thermal air currents which in our region does not lack, indeed, Split and its surroundings abound Meteorological diversity that benefits all the techniques of aeronautical races .

Such flying or sailing without engine noise and with the sound of the wind, with the birds in the clouds in a beautiful landscape above the lake and the sea, is a challenge and enjoyment provided by gliding. Sailing or flights with gliders last on average for several hours and several hundred kilometers of overflight, which of course depends on the skill and knowledge of the pilot, but a lot about the daily weather conditions and the micro-climate region.

Who ever experienced or mastered flying boats remained indifferent and again he returns because of the indescribable feeling that gives this sport.

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